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Ford: 'Fully autonomous cars by 2021'

Ford insists it will have a fully autonomous car, without steering wheel or brake pedals, on the road by 2021. It comes after other car makers including Nissan and BMW said they believed full autonomous driving won’t be likely until

Surgeons label 3D printing technology 'revolutionary'

Surgeons are labeling 3D printing technology as revolutionary – as the ability to print bespoke implants gives patients quicker recovery times and a better end result. Source link

Is your child a cyberbully and if so, what should you do?

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption One in five teens claims to have been cyberbullied but few admit to being the bully Parents worry about their children being bullied online, but what if it is your child who is doing the

Web databases hit in ransom attacks

Image copyright Eyewire Image caption Gigabytes of medical data was deleted from one vulnerable database Thousands of web-based databases have been deleted by cyberthieves seeking a ransom to restore the data. Gigabytes of medical, payroll and other data held in

Norway's controversial radio switch-off

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Other countries are considering switching off analogue radio Norway will start switching off its FM radio network next week, in a controversial move that will be closely watched by other nations. Critics have said that

'Aliens' spotted in Elite Dangerous space game

Image copyright DPSayre Image caption Videos of the strange encounter have been posted and shared online After years of waiting, a player of the Elite Dangerous game seems to have encountered its mysterious aliens. Gamer DP Sayre recorded a video

CES 2017: Minister hits back at tech show chief's attack

The UK’s digital and culture minister says the CES tech show’s chief was wrong to claim the government is doing too little to support its start-ups at the Las Vegas event. Matt Hancock was responding to criticism that his team’s

CES 2017: GeniCan makes the case for a smart kitchen bin

A crowdfunded dustbin gadget that logs the items you throw away is on show at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. The idea is to help create shopping lists. We were fairly dismissive of the idea in our CES

CES 2017: The jacket that lets you stash 42 gadgets

Image caption Scotte Vest doesn’t advise using all 42 pockets at once As I swim in the ocean of shiny new tech that surrounds me at CES, I find myself wondering where on earth I would put all this stuff

CES 2017: Sony chief pledges to detangle confusing TV tech

Sony’s chief executive says his firm must do more to help consumers get to grips with a mass of TV tech acronyms. Kazuo Hirai made the pledge the day after announcing the firm’s first 4K OLED screen, which he said