Ford: 'Fully autonomous cars by 2021'

Ford: 'Fully autonomous cars by 2021'

Ford insists it will have a fully autonomous car, without steering wheel or brake pedals, on the road by 2021. It comes after other car makers including Nissan and BMW said they More »

Surgeons label 3D printing technology 'revolutionary'

Surgeons label 3D printing technology 'revolutionary'

Surgeons are labeling 3D printing technology as revolutionary – as the ability to print bespoke implants gives patients quicker recovery times and a better end result. Source link More »

Is your child a cyberbully and if so, what should you do?

Is your child a cyberbully and if so, what should you do?

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption One in five teens claims to have been cyberbullied but few admit to being the bully Parents worry about their children being bullied online, but what if More »

Web databases hit in ransom attacks

Web databases hit in ransom attacks

Image copyright Eyewire Image caption Gigabytes of medical data was deleted from one vulnerable database Thousands of web-based databases have been deleted by cyberthieves seeking a ransom to restore the data. Gigabytes More »

Norway's controversial radio switch-off

Norway's controversial radio switch-off

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Other countries are considering switching off analogue radio Norway will start switching off its FM radio network next week, in a controversial move that will be closely More »


UK schools targeted by web fraudsters

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The fraudsters claim that they need to send sensitive documents directly to head teachers Fraudsters are targeting UK schools, demanding payments of up to £8,000 to unlock data they have encrypted with malware. The

Apple pulls New York Times app from China app store

Image copyright Getty Images Apple has withdrawn the New York Times from its China App Store, following a request from Chinese authorities. The paper said the move was aimed at preventing readers in China “from accessing independent news coverage”. Apple

CES 2017: Baidu launches digital assistant with screen

Media captionBaidu shared a brief demo of its virtual assistant in action Chinese search giant Baidu has unveiled an AI digital assistant. Xiaoyu Zaijia – or Little Fish – responds to voice commands using a combination of pictures, text and

CES 2017: The robot with an Alexa-powered brain

A humanoid robot that uses Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant to communicate with its owner is unveiled at the CES tech show. Source link

CES 2017: A cure for snoring and other new smart tech

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones samples some of the new tech on show at the CES tech expo in Las Vegas and meets the products’ developers. Source link

Children 'fending for themselves online'

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Young people are spending more and more time online Youngsters are being left to fend for themselves on the internet against dangers such as bullying and grooming, a report has said. The Children’s Commissioner

CES 2017: Intel VR headset turns living room into game

Image copyright Intel Image caption Intel’s Project Alloy headset was announced last year – but the CES demo was brand new Intel has shown off a headset that can replace a room’s pre-scanned furniture with more appropriate video game scenery

CES 2017: LG's super-thin TV lies flat against the wall

LG has unveiled a TV that hugs the wall, protruding just a few millimetres beyond the surface it is hung on. The firm says the design prevents the screen “casting a single shadow” – but owners will have to pay

UK military to build prototype 'laser weapon'

Image copyright JOHN F WILLIAMS / US Navy Image caption The Laws laser weapon was deployed for tests aboard a US Navy ship in 2014 The UK Ministry of Defence has officially awarded a £30m contract to produce a prototype

CES 2017: Samsung and LG TVs battle to blend in

Media captionLG unveiled its “wallpaper TV’ at the CES tech show in Las Vegas South Korean tech giants LG and Samsung have launched TVs that aim to better blend in to consumers’ living rooms. LG showed off a set that